Hi, I am Danielle Klingenmeier.

My passion for photography started when I was a Girl Scout around the age of 9 years old. I would take my disposable camera with me everywhere and take tons of landscape, nature photos and portraits of my friends. I would get so excited to see what I captured once they were developed. That excitement is still the same but now I can see the photo right away, which is so helpful in being able to capture my subject exactly how I want.

I have pursued photography professionally for the last 3 years developing my style and enhancing my skillset. I have a fondness for all types of photography but my most favorite are Nature/Landscape and Family Portrait Photography in either color or black & white. I dabble in fine art, painting and mixed media as well.

I also love to go into Nature and capture the beautiful sights to share with the world how I see it. I turn those photographs into pieces of artwork with paints, mixed media and add my unique creativity to each piece. You can view my fine artwork here and I am open to commission pieces as well.

When you book a session with me, your session will be fun, creative and there will be laughter! My goal is to capture each and every one of you in moment of complete happiness that you can cherish forever. My style is lifestyle photography, which aims to capture you in real-life events, moments or milestones in an artistic way. But I still love a nice sit down or posed photograph to see everyone's eyes and smiles all at the same time! Pets are always welcome as well, just give me a heads up! I look forward to meeting you and capture some sweet moments that you can place on your walls to cherish forever!

*See below for some photos of my lil family & I!

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